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$250.00 per month

WellDatabase Essential takes the Lite(free) package and adds:

  • Production Analytics
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Data exports
  • Data management projects
  • Advanced map layers

WellDatabase Essential gives you access to all of the data, analytics, and exports you need to get your job done.


$500.00 per month

WellDatabase Plus takes the Essential package and adds:

  • Unlimited files and logs
  • Embed analytics on your site
  • Advanced reports
  • 100 projects
  • Excel add-in

Perfect for users who need more horsepower behind their data.


$1,000.00 per month

WellDatabase Pro takes the Plus package and adds:

  • API data access
  • Well file explorer
  • Customized user data
  • Unlimited projects
  • Economics tool

For the pros that require the absolute best in data and tools.