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$100.00 per month

Our Basic package gives you well by well access to every well in our database.

  • Basic well data including API, Well Name, Lat/Long, Depths, Lateral Length and more
  • Well production, including allocated production for lease wells
  • Mapping with satellite, terrain, and street maps
  • Advanced mapping with overlays, heat maps, bubble maps, and more
  • Search tools
  • Save searches
  • Pin your favorite wells

Great for mineral owners and anyone need basic well data.


$250.00 per month

Premium gives you everything in the basic package, plus:

  • Full access to technical well data - permits, completions, fracs, formations, well history and more
  • Unlimited access to millions of well files including permit scans, directional surveys, and well logs
  • Data management with up to five Projects
  • Web based Tiff and LAS log Viewer
  • Advanced production analytics
  • Basic well economic tools
  • Data exports up to 10,000 wells

The perfect tool for E&P, service companies, & financial services.


$500.00 per month

Ultimate takes the premium package and adds:

  • Wide scale advanced production analytics
  • Data management with unlimited projects
  • Granular security options
  • Project based alerts
  • Create your own data fields and attach to wells
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Export in any format, up to 100,000 wells

The ultimate tool for teams who need simple, secure data management and unlimited access to the best data available.